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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Made it to spring break...ahh!

Blog? What blog??? That's how I have felt since I haven't visited our blog in forever. Since the last post, we haven't really done anything. In February we went to see B-Boy and the Ballerina with awesome break dancers. Leave it to Ethan to catch the eye of one of the "hot" female dancers on stage. Better him than Stacy though! Ethan loved the show. Really good music too.

Time is still passing super fast here. I'm in the groove of school and working super hard with my students. Stacy is doing the same. Ethan has been improving at school too. Ethan got to participate in the house team challenge at the last assembly and fire team WON! I know he was a big part of that. Watch the video to see it. I took my Spanish 4 class to see it and they did continue speaking Spanish.

Stacy and I booked our cruise to the Yucatan Peninsula where we will visit Chichen Itza. I can't wait to fill my camera with tons of pics of this amazing place. Plus, Stacy and I need some relaxation time with one another. :) First cruise and we are looking forward to it.

More big news! We are buying a car! We tried to go without one but life has finally gotten hectic enough to need one. Spring break is dedicated to this endeavor. WOOHOO!

Once Spring Break is over we are down to 12 weeks of school. We will be back in the states June 19 for a whirlwind visit. SO looking forward to it!