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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu saves the day!

Oxymoron, right?

Wednesday we get word that Typhoon Kompasu is rolling in and that we should prepare for possible bad weather Thursday. Well wouldn't you know, it was bad enough to cancel school. I don't know if it was worst in other places but it wasn't terrible near our apartment.

I woke up at 5:30 and heard howling winds but that was it. I thought it might be windy waiting for the bus to arrive. I continued getting ready and waking the rest of the family up. Ethan is eating breakfast (kind of) when the phone rings. It's the phone tree and the message is that school has been canceled because of hazardous driving conditions. Since we have students who come from an hour away, the director thought it was safest to just cancel school to prevent students and staff from commuting.

WOOHOO! Is what we thought immediately. I probably should have gotten more done around my house today. I did a load of laundry, dishes, made breakfast, straightened up the house a bit, and skyped with my brother and his family. By noon, the weather seemed to improve. There were some dark clouds in the sky but we chose to brave the weather and make the day productive.


We hopped on the bus at our usual spot and got off at Lotte. This is another fabulous mall like AK Plaza that is super expensive but very fun to window shop in.

Before exploring Lotte, the number one priority was getting our cell phones activated. I think we went into 4 cell phone stores before we were finally directed to the proper store to get prepaid minutes. Paid 10,000 won for about 35 minutes. What a rip off. It's only for the month so I guess we'll look into getting a plan for October.

We spent our most serious time "shopping" in the furniture department. We found a beautiful leather couch for less than 2,000,000. You can't hardly find cloth furniture. I guess it's because of the humidity here. We found a 4,000,000 won tempurpedic mattress that will likely go to the top of the list because we need to get some GOOD sleep. We found a bed that had a hard surface but it had heat/cool controllers for both sides of the bed. That was very enticing considering winters are very cold here. They also had a heating/cooling mat that has a controller which only cost 6,700,000 won. I told Stacy I was worth it if he didn't want to burn up in the winter. Ethan found a bed for himself too. It was adorable and definitely a boy bed. Again, the bed was almost 3,000,000 won. So we decided that we would sleep on it and decide later what we truly wanted to buy. It was all seriously tempting.
Doesn't that look like a fun bed? He'd never fall asleep!

Stacy was getting impatient which meant he was hungry. I have finally learned this after nearly 7 years. We hit up the nearby Quizno's for an early dinner. I know what you're thinking. These crazy Americans want to live in another country but they don't want to eat the food. Sorry peeps. It's just the way its going to be for a while. The sandwiches were good but not filling enough. Paris Baguette (a bakery/pastry store) across the way is where we bought some dessert, a mini-chocolate cake and a mini-cake minus the icing. Stacy thought it was a cheesecake because it looked like one but turned out not to be.
Ethan making faces at Quizno's

Leaving the store we ran into a group of KIS teachers who were enjoying their "day off" too. Luckily this whole time out (about 4 hours) it never rained. It sprinkled but, never rained.
Irish Mexicans in South Korea
So now to prepare for ONE day of school and then our first big event of the month JUMP! We are very excited about this show. It is said to be an awesome show full of martial arts which Ethan should love. We leave around 4 pm from the school and eat near the theater. I should have lots to talk about this weekend.

I hope to get Ethan to blog a little bit about his experiences too.

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