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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Korea

Merry Christmas friends and family! 
It has been a long time since I posted last and its all because I have a full time job now. Well that began back in November.

Back in October, I went to Japan with the 8th graders and the trip was amazing. We saw so much. I took tons of pictures which are posted on the picture blog. We also celebrated Halloween both at school and at home. I helped the other mothers decorate Ethan's kindergarten classroom and these mothers go all out!

In November, we went to a SK Knights basketball game with the Tim Trotter and his 2 kids. A week later we went to Nami Island with lots of KIS faculty for MK's birthday treat. He's our business manager. It was an amazing island that really puts you in nature. It was beautiful and sunny yet cold. The following week the Spanish classes and club hosted the Spanish Festival which as a new Spanish teacher I had to help coordinate. It was a fabulous event but definitely put some gray hairs on my head. Since the school had a traditional American Thanksgiving meal catered, we didn't have to cook anything. We ate our dinner Wednesday and spent Thursday visiting more palaces. Truly gorgeous architecture and the weather was perfect - not too cold! We spent that evening decorating our house for Christmas and putting up the tree.

Halloween! Ethan is a police officer

SK Knights Basketball game

Nami Island: A view from the island

KIS Spanish Festival

In the month of December, we have had about 3 snow days! That doesn't mean that we got out of going to school it just means that it snowed 3 times. :) We thoroughly enjoyed it...we never made a snowman but our neighbors did. Our social committee coordinated 2 spectacular Christmas parties: one for the adults and one for families with kids. Santa made an appearance at both parties. At the adult party, we had a white elephant gift exchange where I received red lacy thong underwear. It is a running tradition so they won't get used! Sorry Stacy :(. We received our 3rd snowfall the last Friday of finals week which made it really hard to concentrate but made for an exciting start for break!
1st snow fall: From my new classroom view!

3rd Snowfall!

My white elephant gift!

Ethan and Santa

The 2 white elephant gifts we gave: spaghetti sauce and kleenexes :)

Ethan was invited to his best friend's house for a play date. Young, his Korean friend, is in soccer hagwon with him and they are in the same class at KIS. The following day, we invited Young to COEX mall and aquarium with us. They had a great time! Lots of sea life with a tunnel that makes you feel like you are walking through the ocean floor.

To get ready for Christmas we invited the Gibson's to our house for a Mexican dinner and cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries. We played games and just enjoyed good company. Then we were invited to the Pages house for cookie decorating and video games. Also good fun for Christmas eve.

Christmas came quickly! Santa must have thought that we were all angels this year because Ethan got almost everything he asked Santa for: Bey Blades fighting set, soccer balls, ping pong paddle, DS games, pokemon cards, and more! Stacy got the Kindle he has been asking for since it came out. I got my Nikon D7000 with 2 lenses that I thought I would never get! Thank you Santa! More importantly we feel super blessed to still be in touch with our old friends from back home, to have made new friends in South Korea and to be safe and happy in our new home.

Since we have already celebrated Christmas...we wish YOU a Very Merry Christmas!!! Love, Health and Prosperity to all!

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