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Sunday, May 1, 2011

And the school year is almost over...

Hello friends!
We have been counting the days until we get to board that beautiful plane! Oh, how we miss our family and friends!

The weather has finally started to change. It has warmed enough to wear just a sweatshirt and pants. The rain has also come which is what has kept us inside lately. In Ethan's words "April showers bring May flowers!" and it is SO true! Flowers and cherry blossoms have bloomed all over Korea and there is color everywhere! The green has returned to the hills around us and the neighborhood once again smells like fertilizer/poop.

The car is working out nicely. Gas is kind of expensive but we only filled up once in a month! I must say that it feels like a borrowed car because we are so detached. We really miss our Altima. :(

We have been able to explore more of Bundang by making wrong turns. As a driver Stacy (and I) has discovered a few things. #1 Koreans don't honk because they are upset/road raged; they do it to wake up the other drivers who are multi-tasking while driving. #2 Koreans honk for many reasons like to say "hey, I'm right behind you!" or "hey, move over because I need to pass!" #3 It is okay to make a u-turn just about anywhere. #4 It is okay to park on the side of the road even when there is a no parking sign because EVERYONE does it and their cars never get towed!
Ethan is the one in the Cowboys hat. :)

Relating to school: Ethan completed his first music concert and did magnificently in his part! We are proud parents! Stacy is getting to teach the classes he wanted next year and is looking forward to preparing this summer. I am just ready to complete the year so that I can start over next year fresh. We are down to 7 more weeks, 5 of which are 4 day weeks.
Faculty kids...all 24 of them

Easter was a success with all the faculty families gathering for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. We continued the tradition of making confetti eggs.

We had really good seats!

Cirque du Soliel, my first major social event totally organized by me was also a success! I will be a social committee leader next year with my colleague, Sondra M. It's going to be lots of work keeping up with my family, work, social events and the other random things that come up. I am looking forward to it though!

We also visted the Korean Folk Village in Seoul that was gorgeous and eye-opening. Ethan liked trying out all of the ancient grinding tools. We enjoyed the visit with the Brayko family that have 2 kids that are Ethan's age.

Ethan just finished up P.E. swimming lessons at school and continues to train for soccer. He WILL be the next Messi! He is a strong swimmer just have to keep him working. He is super athletic so we are optimistic that he will do great things in the athletic arena.

BIG NEWS!!! Ethan lost his first tooth April 26 at Pizza Hut. His tooth had been loose for a few weeks and we kept trying to pull it out. We had this thing going where each night Stacy would work on it but it just wouldn't come out. The evening of April 26 we decided to head out for pizza. After we finished eating, Stacy and Ethan went to the bathroom to wash hands. I am at the register paying when Ethan comes running out of the bathroom holding a bloody paper towel to his mouth. I asked what happened and he says with a paper towel in his mouth "Daddy pulled my tooth out!" I wanted to be happier but I had a plan of recording this event with a camera. Why didn't Stacy read my mind??? Seriously! So the best I got were a few pictures. Anyhow, Ethan prepared his tooth for the tooth fairy and low and behold the next morning he awoke to 2,000 won under his pillow!!!

We have a full schedule this May and June. Our flights home have been booked and we land on U.S. soil June 19 around 7:15pm and we have a full 6 weeks home!!! We return to Korea July 28. Time is going to zoom by and we have lots of people to see and visit! We are very much looking forward to it though. :)

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  1. You know when Ethan tells all of his American friends that he got 2,000 won for his tooth, they are going to be so jealous!!! :D

    LOVE the outfits. Especially Stacy!! He looks great! haha.

    Cirque de Soleil looks so fun!! Kudos to you for planning it!!! Look at you Mrs. Events Coordinator! I knew ya had it in ya! :D

    Love and miss y'all tons!!!!!!!!!!!!