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Monday, January 31, 2011

Caribbean Bay in -15ºC

How did you like your surprise today?
Ethan: I loved it.

What was your favorite part of Caribbean Bay?
Ethan: The water slide where you went "side to side really wildly".

How many times did you ride the BIG water slide?
Ethan: 3 times

Which big slide was your favorite?
Ethan: I liked the twisty-turny one.

Do you want to go back?
Ethan: I want to go there again.

My friend Elka was there so I could play with her. At lunch all my friends went to a table where we had cups that we could play with all together.

Our Experience...
First, it was kind of expensive. I think the tickets all together for all 3 of us was about $75. If we were going to this place in the summer it would totally be worth a year-long pass. This place was enormous if you include all the outdoor and indoor sections of the park. We joined the Carscadden's, Feller's, Gibson's, Trotter's and Longbotham's for the day.

Today we only went to the section called Caribbean Bay and swam in the indoor section. They actually had an outdoor section but I wasn't brave enough for that. Stacy wanted to try it and I think he actually did. Overall, they had great water rides and well divided areas for appropriate age groups. They also had lots of life guards everywhere.

Ethan went on his first water slide today. Stacy chose to try it out first and once he finished he thought Ethan would be scared but there was no way for him to tell us. Ethan went right after Stacy. It was dark inside and you got sloshed around inside. We asked Ethan if he wanted to go again but he said no. Then we caught up with Elka and Sean. Elka wanted to go on that slide again and Ethan obliged. They ended up going on that slide several more times. Then they moved on to the larger, higher slides. Stacy and I are both very proud of Ethan for trying so many new things today.

Lunch was terrible but the company was good. Ethan was head of the kids table. He sat with 5 GIRLS at this kids table. We just sat around and chatted while we ate popcorn chicken, french fries, pizza rolls and churros. LOL! Churros are big here!

Some interesting cultural differences noticed today were men wearing Speedos and tight bathing suits allowing you to see sometimes more than you want. And the other, was changing in the women's locker room and seeing so many women walking around naked with their children. I was actually shocked when I looked to my left, while attempting to change my clothes under my sundress, and saw a lady completely naked walking her daughter somewhere. I was like, "whoa!" "didn't see that comin'." Then looking around women were all changing right in front of their lockers just stripping down. So, I thought big deal. I can do this. Why is America so darn prude?! I mean yes sex is all over the place but when you actually take a real person and say "change over there" they would say "no" or "I need some privacy." Or maybe it's just me...

Back to water fun...So they closed down the wave pool and other parts for cleaning for an hour and so we were all forced (I use this word loosely) to enjoy the jacuzzis. Oh what a wonderful and relaxing 30 minutes! After that we were so relaxed that we decided now is the time to leave. Walking out of the building, what do we see? SNOW! Yes, swimming inside and snowing outside!

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  1. What a super neat experience!!!! LOL And I would've been the same way! The first time I had to change in the locker room for dance team, it was definitely a shocker!! :)

    I just love reading about your experiences!!!

    (PS I like the new blog background!! hehe)