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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunar New Year Coming up...

Hello all! Hope to find you in good health and happy. We are just getting into the groove of things here and preparing for 2 more days of school. What's next? Lunar New Year! Another week of vacation! We are looking forward to some time off.

These last couple of weeks have flown by. We have been crazy busy with school and just the daily routine of things but we will slow down very soon. Ethan had hat day at school a couple weeks ago and he rocked a Sooner's hat...such a handsome kid! Just this past Tuesday, they had "Hero Day" and he dressed as Super Soccerboy. I failed to get a picture of him with his get-up but he even had a mask like Zorro!

We are currently planning vacations for next year so although this year we missed out on all kinds of warm weather destinations, next year will be amazing to make up for it. :)

Stacy is staying busy with school work, although not as busy as I have been. I think I assign more homework than he does. I should adopt his homework philosophy.

At school, I have started a new club...can you guess what it is called? The Photography Club! We've only met twice but I'm sure the results will only get better since just about all of these kids have Digital SLR's.

Neighborhood news: There is a man that we that we have dubbed "Don Juan de Marco" because of his looks. He has a fancy mustache that curls at the ends, hair that is long enough to tuck behind his ears and he wears these fancy sunglasses. So he has a dog farm right in the middle of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it is right next to an apartment complex that several KIS families reside in. The dog farm has at least 30 adult dogs and pups combined. They are very noisy and they get to roam freely on Don Juan's land. Many of you know that dog is a type of meat eaten in Korea. NO, we have not tried it and don't plan to. Anyhow,  many people make a living on dog farms providing a certain type of dog to restaurants that serve dog. It is strange to talk about dogs as food. I had told Stacy this but he wasn't a hundred percent convinced until he was walking back from the convenience store this afternoon and saw Don Juan and 2 of his buddies roasting one on a makeshift spit on the corner. According to Stacy, they tried to block his view of this by huddling together but he saw it from another angle. My how life has changed.

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