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Friday, January 14, 2011

One week down!

So we are celebrating! Our first week back to school since a LONG Christmas break ended and we survived. This week has been about getting back in the routine of daily life. Wednesday was my birthday and a blessed one at that. Thursday, my Spanish colleague and I took a group of 42 students from levels 3, 4 and AP to Deoksu Palace Modern Art Museum where we analyzed works of art by Picasso and other great artists of the 20th century in Español. Afterwards, we ate at a Korean restaurant and had shabu-shabu which I can describe as such: you are seated at a traditional Korean table (sitting on the floor), the waitress sets a cauldron looking pot on the burner at the center of the table. It is full of some type of stock. Then they bring out a large plate full of cut raw vegetables and a large plate of thinly sliced beef or pork. You put the vegetables in the pot a little at a time once the liquid is boiling. Once your veggies are cooked (5 minutes) you start putting the meat in. It cooks almost instantly. The waitress then brings out a multitude of small side dishes that everyone shares. It was extremely satisfying, healthy and warm. Our Korean guides (our students) were excellent in explaining to us how to go about eating this new meal. The whole day was quite an experience.

To end the week on a high note, here was my Facebook post: 
I just received flowers from a "knock and run" husband! He knocked on my classroom door, set the flowers in front of the door and took off! It was a fantastic surprise when I was ready to chase the "punk" who was trying to prank me, or so I thought! Thank you for the birthday flowers baby! You really know how to make me smile! :) Ethan deserves some thanks too as I'm sure he had a hand in it too :)
It has been a great week! Now we are gearing up for 2 more weeks and then a week vacation for Lunar New Year. This is also another opportunity for Ethan to wear his hanbok.
P.S. Ethan thanked us for buying him seaweed, like the kind they use in sushi, because he loves it. I think Korea and his Korean friends are influencing him...
Also, here is a picture of Ethan from today which was "Hats for Nepal" Day, a fundraiser for the children of Nepal.


  1. I've been MIA from your blog comments for so long and I came back to read, but for some reason, the background makes me dizzy. I know, I'm weird! LOL Loved hearing about your times there though!!!! :D

  2. Oh Carmela, I will change the background because I can't have you getting dizzy. :) Can't wait to visit with you again! Take care of yourself and the family.

  3. It's probably my meds! LOL Who knows, I'm weird! LOL