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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 5 - Doing Nothing

Today was a lazy day of sorts. I was up by 4 am. Stupid sickness won't go away yet. The men in the house joined me by 6. We are doing a pretty good job of getting on Korean time. By 10:30 we had eaten breakfast, vaccuumed the apartment, washed dishes, scrubbed down the dining table and chairs, rearranged the furniture, picked up some essentials from the corner store, made a couple international phone calls, and eaten lunch. Now that we are neighborhood regulars at the corner store, the lady recognizes Stacy when he goes in. Maybe we can teach her some English....or we can learn some Korean.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around. I watched Ethan and Stacy play with Ethan's new Star Wars Lego set.

It was 2 o'clock when we finally met the cable man. A KIS English-speaking staff member was supposed to be with him but was about 10 minutes late. We did our best to gesture our way into internet connections. I hadn't thought about it until Stacy mentioned it but, we have people coming in to work on things in our apartment with socks on and they sit on the floor to work. In a different setting that would be weird but here, it's perfectly natural.

Stephan was the KIS translator who is a terrific young man. It seems like he can do anything! He was nice enough to order pizza for us. Here's a Korean tid-bit - no one expects you to tip. Sometimes they will flat out refuse! Do you know that we had dinner at 3 something in the afternoon?!? Our days begin so early that we sometimes eat a 2nd dinner if we stay up much longer.

So now that we have cable, you are probably wondering what we  have to watch. Well, I think we have something like 200 channels. Don't ask me what is on those channels because I live with 2 males and 1 television. It'll be at least a week before I can get an hour of the TV to myself. As I type this in our office, Ethan and Stacy are watching Phineus and Ferb on the Disney channel in ENGLISH! It has Korean subtitles. I think there are a few American shows that air with Korean subtitles. Our remote is in Korean. It shouldn't be hard to figure out but we still took the precautions to ask about all the buttons we need to be familiar with. Anything we buy is going to be in Korean, unless it is the Phillips brand. If I had little Post-It flags, they would be everywhere!

Thanks to Disney Channel, there is no arguing with Ethan about staying up. He is doing it all by himself. We actually had to tell him when he was going to bed.

So tomorrow we will meet lots of the other recently hired teachers and go shopping at Costco. Ethan is excited to go to childcare so he can play with kiddos his age. I really hope he makes friends early on. I think that will really make him feel comfortable. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes and of course I will take my camera. :)


  1. HAHA, gotta love the F&F watching. :)

  2. Kristy - I just love reading your posts.. Soo exciting