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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ethan and Stacy posing so I can document EVERYTHING about our trip!
Ethan wanted to ride the REALLY BIG escalator.
We spent last night having a wonderful meal at Babes Chicken with the Ozuna Family. Then we went to see our last movie in the states, Despicable Me, which was hilarious! Got up early this morning and had a good breakfast at Waffle House where I somehow managed to break the inside door handle of my brother's monte carlo. :( We arrived at the airport with plenty of time. Stacy was much more manageable knowing we were ahead of schedule.  Had a teary goodbye with my family and managed to get all 6 of our checked suitcases and 5 of our carry-ons into the airport. It is 11:04 as of right now and we will be boarding at 11:20. We should land in Seoul a little after 4 in the afternoon there. But don't stay up because it will be 2:30 in the morning your time. Talk to you again from the other side of the world!

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  1. I will be up! I will be up!!!!!!!! :) You can bet I'll be hooraying for y'all!! Miss you oodles already!!!!