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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How we did it (Korea International School website)

Luckily Stacy and I were meant for each other. When we flew to Boston for the international schools job fair which we found through International School Services (ISS), Stacy was sure we wouldn't find jobs. After a short talk, I managed to talk him into staying and experiencing this new job fair. We had originally determined Europe is where we were going to land jobs. The advice we kept hearing through the orientation was "keep an open mind." Basically, don't count out any place because it may be nothing like you anticipated. So that night we went back to the hotel and scoured the updated list of vacancies. I found KIS needed both math and a substitute. We researched it thoroughly and decided we would like to interview with KIS. We set up an interview with them and coincidentally they had already considered us for those positions. I failed to mention we had been in contact with KIS since November but at that time we were interested in the math and Spanish positions. On the 3rd day, we interviewed with KIS for an hour and a half. They offered us the positions on the spot and we accepted ON THE SPOT! Unbelievable as it may sound, we were thoroughly prepared to answer but didn't expect to actually have to. This happened in the second week of February and we have spent the last 5 months selling, packing, shipping, driving, visiting and stressing.

Stress comes from dealing with the shipping company, passports, visas and the various other paperwork that goes along with a move such as ours. Luckily, Stacy is the most detail oriented, organized person I know and has done a fantastic job!

It felt like this day would never come and suddenly we only have one day left in the US. We have approximately 38 1/2 hours before we board Korea Air.


  1. "After a short talk, I managed to talk him into staying and experiencing this new job fair."

    All I got out of this was that this is all your fault, Kristy!!!! Haha. Kidding, kidding!!! I've got goosebumps for y'all and I cannot believe the time is finally here. What an amazing and incredible journey you are headed on!!! I can't wait to keep up with it! :) Love y'all!!!

  2. Yes, I suppose it is kind of my fault. Apparently I can't argue that my husband doesn't listen to me. :)