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Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 4 Part 2 - E-MART #2 = Bigger & Better

After a satisfying lunch, we got back in the car and headed to E-MART. As I mentioned earlier, this location is much bigger than the other and every bit as exciting! This time we came prepared with more money, a list, a translator, and a car! We stocked up on tons of stuff! I also probably looked like a silly tourist taking pictures as we went through the store, but I wanted you to be able to see. I'll post those soon also. Again, we only made it to 2 floors. The grocery shopping was fun and I could have spent the whole day on just that floor. It reminded me of a Sam's Club because they have all kinds of tasting stations. They want you to try everything. All the bread is baked right in the store. I have never seen more varieties of seafood in my LIFE! Other than on the Discovery Channel...but that was alive. Everything is so fresh that my potatoes looked like they had just come out of the ground. They had chunks of dirt falling off of them. When you bag your veggies, you take them to a lady standing at a scale and they weigh it for you and put a bar code sticker on the bag right there. That is such a great idea! I bet this store has at least 100 peopel working on each floor every day!

Okay, so I'll bet you are wondering what kind of foods they have. They have almost everything. I found ketchup, mustard, cheetos, pancake mix, but didn't find the mac n cheese. Sorry Ethan. We're going to keep looking for that. We found sliced ham but no turkey. Beef and pork are big here. Chicken isn't very popular but they carry it. Whatever you are used to in the states, they will have some version of it here. We had to shop quicker this trip because we were on a schedule. The next time we go back we are spending at least 3 hours there.

Is it wierd that I was excited about buying an iron??? I even got it on sale. It was originally 119,000 W but I purchased it for 69,000 W. (To convert to dollars, take off 3 zeros). Leaving there was difficult because there was so much more that we need to buy but we were only in a four door car. Our driver informed us that the school provides 2 trips a month to E-Mart and Costco for larger items. He happens to be the driver on those trips. This means we don't have to buy everything at once. Oh, and something we didn't know the first time but found out was that each plastic grocery back is roughly 50 cents. We used boxes which were free!!! Haha!

We now have a stocked refrigerator and I was later instructed how to use my washing machine. Another golden nugget about our school, they have clothes dryers that they let teachers use. This means we can wash our clothes at home and take them up to the school and dry them. I was wondering how I was going to dry jeans and sweaters.

On a different topic, for all you parents out there, you will appreciate this. It was 6:15 and we were eating dinner when Ethan said, "I'm tired. Can I go to bed?" Now as a parent you would typically say "yes, go to bed." Not us. We said, "No, you have to stay up at least 2 more hours...go play your DS or something." "You are not going to bed early!" I can't believe it! We were actually arguing with our child about GOING to bed. I think a pig flew!

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