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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 10 - LAZY DAY!

I know, you are probably thinking there is so much to see and do there and your taking a lazy day?!?! In our defense, this last week has felt like a month because we have done SO MUCH! The first reason it was a lazy day is because we are out of Korean money. All we have left is our American money and are extremely happy that we are taking a trip to the bank tomorrow to set up our bank accounts. Yeah! I'm going to have my own bank accounts. Korean banks do not allow joint bank accounts so Stacy and I will each have our own.

The other reason it was a lazy day is because I woke up feeling like poop (excuse the expression). I have got to go to the clinic tomorrow and find out why I am not better yet. Medicine is really cheap here by the way. I bought two boxes (6 pills each) of a nasal decongestant and it was 12,000 WON. This is prescription type stuff too.

Next week have faculty orientation, inservice and meetings. Cheers to the beginning of school!


  1. knocked up? HAHAHA....okay, I just HAD to say it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish! At least I would know the cause of this sickness.