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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 18 - New Student Orientation & No bus

One umbrella, three people, no bus and rain equals a bad start to the day. All the neighborhood families are huddled together under the few umbrellas present waiting for the bus to arrive. Ten minutes after the scheduled time and no bus. Everyone else decides to start walking since it's only 10 minutes away walking briskly. We walked back to the apartment to phone the school. By the time we make it there, it is pouring down rain. The other families were soaked!

We call the school and are told that the bus schedule changed this morning. It picked up at 7:15. Didn't get that message! OUR email said that it would start Wednesday, not Tuesday. The school calls back. Nope, it came at 8:10. Every one of the families must have missed it. The bus NEVER came. They tell us we will likely have to get a taxi and she was going to see about getting us one and call us back. Stacy calls his boss who says "I'll see what I can do." Within 2 minutes we receive a call saying the bus is on its way. Stacy says, we'll walk down to the stop.

Off we go using the smallest umbrella (because we misplaced our 2 large umbrellas at the school) and all 3 of us, dressed in our Sunday best minus Ethan, huddled under one umbrella. I'm sure we were a sight. Even though I didn't spend a lot of time on my hair this morning, the bit I did was wasted. We get to our stop and within 5 minutes we had 3 KIS vehicles come from 3 different directions. I guess they realized that they missed our neighborhood and were sending vehicles to all the apartments in our neighborhood to pick up any strays.

We were in such a rush to get to school that we left Ethan's bag on the bus. We had no time for breakfast and got to his orientation right at 9am.  I didn't realize we had misplaced his bag until lunch time because we packed Ethan a sandwich. He's still getting to know Korean food. We didn't end up finding his bag until close to 3pm. We did meet his teacher and the good news is Ethan will be going to first grade instead of kindergarten. We had originally signed him up for kindergarten because we thought it would be beneficial for him to begin at the earliest grade at KIS. After considering the pros and cons, it just made sense to keep him on track. So Ethan will have Ms. Nam this year. He was so excited exploring his new classroom that he didn't want to leave it. I must remember to take my camera tomorrow for a new photo of first day of school. Don't worry, I already told Stacy that I'm going to come by and take a picture of him and his new students too.

So it is time for me to hit the sack because we must rise and shine early tomorrow morning. Hello new school year!

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