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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 16 - Homeplus & the Feller Family

More shopping. You would think I would be excited about more shopping but believe it or not, I'm kind of shopped out. This afternoon we met the Feller family at their apartment down the street. They offered to take us in their car to Homeplus which is the closest and better equivalent to Walmart. It's cheaper shopping, not by much, and has more familiar foods. There's a movie theater on the top floor which is where we plan to take Ethan to watch Toy Story 3. We stopped in at Subway to get a bite to eat. Here we found TURKEY and DR. Pepper!!!! It was delicious! The cans that we are used to in the states cost $2 here. While we were eating, Kris, the wife, stayed with us while Elka and Sean stopped off somewhere else. They showed up with a birthday gift for Ethan. It was the sweetest gesture from a 6 year old. Apparently she had been bugging her parents for this. A little Woody doll from the movie.

Once everyone was done eating we headed down a couple levels to start shopping. Ethan and Elka have a new name...double trouble. They were constantly trying to out do each other. Giving each other not so good ideas but they get along really well.

Stacy and Sean shopped for our grocery list while Kris and I took the kids and looked around. To give you an idea of how much American goods cost here, a small box of Ritz crackers with one sleeve is about $3.50. The store has lots of sampling stations. The kids loved it. Good to go during snack time. We went through the seafood area where the kids wanted to touch the fish, crabs, octupus, and others. The kids were very helpful getting veggies and fruit.

We finished shopping, paid and loaded up so that we could get ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Near BR is a store called I Love Cookie where you can get all kinds of western groceries but they are kind of expensive. I found nutella (7,000 Won) and a small package of corn tortillas (9,000 Won). Stacy and I were excited to find cake mix, sour cream, and American Dr. Pepper. Ethan found a Cars toy that was nearly $50 and in the states it would have been $10. Can't wait to go back and shop sparingly. We get paid Friday!

It was a fun outing and yet again we have more pros to add to our list for a car. Grocery shopping is much easier with a car.

A little info on the Fellers. This is their 4th country. They were in Kazakhstan previously. Their daughter was born in another country so the only life that Elka knows is an international one. It really helps us justify our recent decision.

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