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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 17 - The neighborhood cookout

Sundays are good days. We got to sleep in. Made pancakes. Cleaned house a little. We didn't get out but its because we are broke. Banks aren't open on the weekends here.

The cookout was at 5pm and it was really hot. Within an hour the sun had set enough to still provide light but it had cooled off. The cookout took place in a small fenced area down the street at another apartment complex. The Fellers had a charcoal grill and each family brought food to grill. The kids played. The adults visited. We met more families that we had not met yet.

Almost everyone has lived in other places prior to Korea so they are fountains of information. Mark and Kristen, who are new to KIS but not new to international teaching, recently came from China. Kristen's parents actually were hired by the school that they left in China so they are nearby. 

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