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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 12 - About the school...

Today was orientation day 3 at KIS. I finally received keys to my office. It's very nice and, so I have been told, I will be working with the funniest man at the school. We will see.

We had building level meetings. My boss will be Kevin Jaramillo who is the associate principal at the middle school level. We covered the parent student handbook, teacher handbook and all of those important things.

My homework tonight is to read them and then I'll let you know all the wonderful things I read about. :)

So, as I was walking through the MS/HS library (which connects the middle school and high school) I met the school librarian named Kris. She, her husband Sean, and their daughter Elka used to live in the apartment we  live in now. Ethan and Elka are the same age. They only moved down the street a couple blocks so we scheduled a playdate for this evening.

There is a playground area with some outdoor exercise equipment in our neighborhood which was our meeting spot. Sean and Elka met all 3 of us there. Ethan and Elka played very well together, choosing to climb the trees and pick leaves rather than play on the playground equipment. We asked Sean several of the questions we had. Again, we are on the fence about a car. We asked him if he was familiar with the bus system and he said they bought a car because it makes life much easier. They purchased a used car for $2100.

According to KIS staff, Koreans don't typically keep the cars they buy for more than 2 years. They always buy brand new and take very good care of their vehicles. So you can always find a good deal.

Also, we were informed that this is the first year that dependents' insurance is covered by KIS. Last year, you had to pay the premiums for your dependents. Since they were trying to hire more families, they have tried to change their benefits to be more family oriented. This is great news to us! Now it is all making sense. This is the first year they have had to accommodate family medical check ups and therefore, they had some kinks in the system. I'm sure next year it will be much easier.

Well, I must go to my homework, so I will catch up with you tomorrow!

P.S. I am going to post some pics of the school to the shutterfly site.

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