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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 14 - The day before Friday and the Dentist Experience

Today was the first day for returning KIS staff. We went from knowing everyone to feeling like a fish out of water again. I don't know how many people I met today and I probably can't remember any names either but everyone was so friendly that it sure made introductions easy. During the first hour after breakfast, Rich, the middle school principal, did an activity which helped the returning staff and the new staff meet. The returning staff had ten minutes to find a new staff person and interview them. Included in the interview was a question, "what was the most bizarre or interesting thing about you". We found out some pretty bizarre things about people! Whoa! Then you had vote for who was better, Tommy Toms (60 year old, balding, one-time Giants player) or Kevin Caspiac (good looking, young guy). We hadn't been introduced to either of these fellows but voted based on their looks and what we had heard about them. It was silly things like this that really helped to liven it up and make it more fun. Poking fun at one another as if you were family. I can't believe how quickly you make "family members." Everyone in the school is so close.

We had a pretty easy afternoon. I spent my afternoon in the middle school principal's office collaborating with my boss on substitute preparations and the newsletter I will be working on.  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a terrible tooth ache (why does everything happen to me?) which I had mentioned to Kevin my boss. I was asking about dental clinics when he transferred the question to Rich. Rich then offered to take me to the dentist. Seriously, he was swamped with principal preparations and offered to take me. If my stinkin tooth hadn't hurt so bad I would have turn him down but, it was needed. I forced Stacy to go with me (not really, he thinks I'm a wheeny but whatever) because I needed him to help me find my way back to school. 

My meds from the dentist. I have to take one packet 3 times a day for 3 days.
I went to UCLA Dental Clinic where the dentist graduated from UCLA. This is the fanciest dentist office I have ever been to. They took an x-ray of my mouth and led me to a chair where the dentist was there within 5 minutes checking me out. Definitely more efficient than the U.S. After looking at everything, he was confused as to what was causing my pain. He thinks it is my wisdom tooth pressing on the nerves of my teeth. He prescribed an antibiotic and said that if the pain goes away, then he will know it is my wisdom tooth. If it does not go away then he may have to extract it TOMORROW! I have to go back tomorrow for him to see me. I didn't have to make an appointment today. I just walked in and was able to be seen. I did make an appointment for tomorrow though and today's visit was 20,000 Won. That is without insurance. (My insurance will reimburse me.) We were instructed how to get to the pharmacy. The prescription came in a pouch. (See the picture) One pill is for the pain. Another is an antibiotic. The third is for digestion. It only cost 6,100 Won. Healthcare is SO inexpensive! The dental visit alone would have cost close to $200.

We took a taxi back to the school. This all happened within an hour. The school had a back to school barbeque with appetizers, beer, wine, footlong hotdogs, and bulgogi which is a Korean marinated grilled meat. It was all very tasty. Then we had cake! It was a time for everyone to visit and get to know one another.

I met a Spanish teacher who is Turkish! I thought that was pretty crazy. Today was the first day that we have had to walk in the rain. It wasn't raining hard but enough to get you wet. Thank goodness for the KIS umbrellas.

So again, we have made it to Friday. Friday is going to be a busy day and in the evening we are all going to meet at a restaurant/bar downtown (adults only) for more celebrating.

Ethan has made many new friends, primarily Elka, and a new one Mia. His girlfriends back home might have some competition :(. Either way he is liking it if not loving it here. We have a neighborhood barbecue this weekend if it doesn't rain. The great thing about this school is that there is always something to do here. Stacy is playing basketball after school Friday too with the faculty.

- Until tomorrow friends!

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